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Numerama – Festival Numerique

For our masters final project we had to design / creat a entiere artistic direction for an online art festival call « Numerama ».

I had the chance to work with an amazing creative team @cyrilctln @justagirlliketat @audreymrtnche. We worked so hard on this one.

We design a custom type for the logo to represent the uniqueness of the event. Each poster is a gate / door to access and dive in numerama. All the textures are there to symbolise that deep, mysterious and digital world.

Custum Logo design : @cyrilctln
Textures and colors : by me
Typographies : Adieu & Agentur by @goodtypefoundry choosed by @audreymrtnche
Artistic direction : @justagirlliketat @cyrilctln @audreymrtnche
Mockup : @creativemarket

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